Postpartum Doula Support...

“My husband was working night shifts after we had our second baby so it was really nice having another adult around during the day for companionship and an extra set of hands while my husband slept. Really made it easier to get the rest I needed and give both of my children the attention they needed.”
-Stephanie S.

"Laundry, dishes, holding the baby, grocery pick-up, making lunch plus extra to freeze, baking lactation cookies- she was eager and willing to help with anything I needed!"
-Kristin C.

Prenatal Yoga Classes...

"I really enjoyed Jessica’s prenatal yoga classes- they were a perfect balance of challenging poses and guided relaxation. I feel like attending class regularly allowed me to have a shorter labor duration with optimal baby positioning! Thanks Jessica!" 

-Jena C.

"Jessica is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in her prenatal yoga teaching.  She is also very patient,  helpful,  and has a soothing voice. My husband and I enjoyed our practice with her very much!"
- Joanna D.

Birth Doula Support
"[Jessica's] calm presence and supportive words helped contribute to the peaceful birth environment I had planned." 
-Mollee S.



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