birth doula support

The birth of a baby is also the birth of a mother and family. Birth doula support gives you and your partner peace of mind during the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Including a birth doula on your journey ensures that you are prepared and educated about your options, respected- no matter what you choose, and supported through the process of birth. 

Peace is my passion, and it is my hope that with respectful, compassionate care your family will look back on your peaceful birth and smile.  


Your birth doula fee includes 2 prenatal visits, the birth, and 2 postpartum visits.  700

I support women before, during and after birth. I encourage women to educate themselves prenatally, to trust the process of birth, and to have compassion on themselves postpartum. 
I provide evidenced based data and research prenatally so you can make informed decisions.
I teach you tools for self advocacy - useful in birth and beyond!
I accompany you and your partner (if present) in labor to provide emotional support, physical comfort, and as an aid for your partner. I work to bring you both closer together through the process of birth.
I provide massage, breathing exercises, guided relaxation and visualization, acupressure, aromatherapy, maternal positioning for both comfort and optimal fetal positioning, and other techniques for comfort.
I believe that peace on earth begins with birth, and peaceful mothers make a peaceful world.
I encourage women to approach birth with their intuition, to use their voice, and to pursue a peaceful birth.

Additional services enhance your experience. Utilize these services with or without a birth doula contract...

  • Private Prenatal Yoga - 150 for 2 sessions. We will work together to discover your unique needs. You will receive 3 custom yoga sequences for your personal use (1 prenatal, 1 postpartum, 1 restorative).
  • Acupressure for Pregnancy - 150 for 3 sessions (beginning in the 37th week of pregnancy)
  • Birth Plan Assistance - 75.  Learn the "dos & don'ts" of preparing a birth plan, discover what options you prefer (and which ones you don't!), and create a vision for your peaceful birth.
  • Postpartum Plan Assistance: 75  Writing and executing a postpartum plan before baby is born is a wonderful way to reduce stress in the first 3 months after birth. 
  • Additional Prenatal Visits - 150 each. Ideal if you're unable to attend childbirth education classes, if you've had a previously traumatic birth, are planning a VBAC, or seeking help for postpartum preparation and planning.
  • Spinning Babies Sessions - 150 for 3 visits. Learn how maternal movement affects baby's positioning in the body, positions that are ideal for labor and birth (both for mama and baby), and how to use Spinning Babies techniques to prevent mal-presentation before labor begins!

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